Check out what people have to say about DJ Swirk!

A M. says: “He uses technology to get the most out of any event. He listens to what you want,and makes it happen!” (BEST DJ – December 07, 2014)
Greg R. says: “He’s a cool guy to talk to and he really knows a lot about music” (BEST DJ – December 07, 2014)
Dawn R. says: “Great kid and such an entrepreneur!” (BEST DJ – December 04, 2014)
Brian P. says: “Thanks for DJ’ing my party! We loved having you! I plan on booking for my cousins 18th bday soon ;;;)))” (BEST DJ – December 04, 2014)
Una S. says: “DJ Swirk is amazing! I had my daughters 17th birthday with him and he played everything we wanted! It was a long part and we were afraid people would get bored but he kept them going.” (BEST DJ – December 04, 2014)
Dawn W. says: “Hard working, professional, dynamic!!!” (BEST DJ – December 03, 2014)
Nick O. says: “At a young age, DJ Swirk performs well beyond his age. One of the best up and coming DJ’s in Milwaukee. He has worked with one of the Best Wedding Bands in Milwaukee, Element 13 since the age of 11. Vote for DJ Swirk!” (BEST DJ – December 03, 2014)
Jaden S. says: “He’s an underdog. Only 16 and is making a name for himself. He’s a genius entrepreneur.” (BEST DJ – December 01, 2014)
Enrigue S. says: “This dj hosted my event and did a excellent job accommodating to all age groups has good rates but best of all works with the croud to get the party or event on the dance floor ..highley recomended!!” (BEST DJ – November 30, 2014)
Anjee B. says: “Best Dj in town!!” (BEST DJ – November 26, 2014)

Cori M. says: “Dylan is great. He listens to the client and manages to create whatever mood you desire. I’d hire him again in a heartbeat.” (BEST DJ – November 25, 2014)

Deandre B. says: “Just a great DJ in general and a great person!” (BEST DJ – November 25, 2014)

Cassandra Mickelson says: “Awesome, handsome and young and full of energy! Makes a party a nice forever to remember celebration!!!!!! Making the crowd happy and giving them all they require to have a good time!!! I highly recommend Dylan!!! Call DJ Swirk!” (BEST DJ – November 25, 2014)

Tom S. says: “DJ Swirk has great equipment, up to date music, and can keep the crowd going for hours and hours. He is a young man with years of experience and mature beyond his years.” (BEST DJ – November 25, 2014)